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Looking for Templates in Word?

Do you need a calendar for 2013. Or maybe stationery for that Christmas letter that needs to get out soon. Word contains many templates that are easy to use.
To get to the templates, from the File tab, simply click on NEW:

File Menu from Word

This is what you will see:

Word Templates

Here you will find templates for brochures, calendars, resumes, stationery and more. From the window above, double click on one of the options. Here the Calendars option has been selected:

Word's Calendar Templates

And you see lots of options for the type of calendar you might want.

And here, the Stationery and Specialty paper > Seasonal and holiday stationery option has been selected:

Word Templates


And, lastly, here are resume templates:

Word Templates

You can see that there are many options.

When you want to see what is contained on one of these templates, simply double-click—or click on it and then select the download button on the right-side of your screen:

Download Button for Holiday Stationary


These templates do not live on your copy of Word, but on the web. By selecting the desired template and clicking on Download, you are actually downloading the template from In just a few seconds, a document with the template applied appears in our viewing area.

It is ready for you to modify with your information.

Holiday Stationary Template ready for use

3 Responses to "Looking for Templates in Word?"

  1. IT Training Says:

    Very informative tutorials on template in word

  2. rob eco Says:

    Also should point out that on that template screen is a search field you can use. It’ll pull other selections not shown in the list.

  3. Denise Brown Says:

    Thanks! Good point. Glad you responded!

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