Changing Line Spacing in Word 2007

Are you irritated with the line spacing in Word 2007? Here is a simple solution:

If you want to have the “2003” look on your 2007 document, select your text, go from the Home Tab to the Paragraph group and open the dialog box launcher.

Paragraph Dialog Box

This dialog box is divided into four sections. Look at the third section named Spacing.

Look for the field called After and you will see the number 10 there by default. This means that Word is adding 10 points of space after each line of text. Reduce this number by pressing and dragging that number 10 and inserting a 0, (or use the downward pointing arrow to the right of that field until the number is 0).
Also, look to the right and you will see Line Spacing. Click on the dropdown and change the spacing from multiple to single. This will solve your problem for this document only.

If you want this to be your default for all of your Word documents, click the Default button at the bottom of this dialog box.

Another way to do the same thing is to go to the Change Styles button from the Styles group (Home tab) and choose Style Set>Word 2003. This will change the settings for your document without having to select the text first.


  1. Keiran

    This is one of my biggest beefs with Office 2007.

    Microsoft has acknowledged this as a ‘problem’.

    Oddly, they haven’t retracted the highly irritating and not all that pleasant Office 2007 spacing… I’d be embarrassed if I were them.

    Their solution is very simple. It is the same as in your last paragraph. I do find it rather odd that you have placed the simple solution at the end of the article and given the complicated work-around in the beginning. Counterproductive?


  2. Dean

    You indicate the changes are for “this document only.” Is there a way to make the changes permanent so they affect all future documents as well?

  3. Denise

    Dear Keiran:

    We always like to address the fact that there are several ways of getting to your goal. The first method that was described in the blog article affects only the current document. The second method will change your copy of word and become the default spacing.

    Thanks for your comment.


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