Aligning Numbers in Word 2007

Has Word cooperated with you when you are creating a list? Notice below that when a parenthesis follows the number, Word will align the numbers on the left hand side:

8) apples

9) pears

10) bananas

What if you would like the numbers lined up on the right side instead? Here’s how you would like it to look:

 8) Apples

 9) Pears

10) Bananas

      Here is how you do it: 

      1) On the Home Tab, go to the paragraph group and click on the option for numbers on the top row of buttons. 

      2) Choose the option for numbers with a parenthesis (second option on the first row under Numbering Library).

      3) Go back to the same option, clicking on the dropdown arrow.

      4) Go to the bottom of the menu and choose Define New Number Format.

      5) Under the Number Format section, look for the Alignment choice.

      6) Click on the dropdown and choose Right.

      Numbering Dialog Box

      Now begin typing your list.

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