Introducing the New IT Training Website: A Screenshot Tour

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It’s been in development for over a year and has been completely redesigned to help you find the training you want more easily; I would like to introduce you to the new IT Training website!

New IT Training Front Page

I will be guiding you through some of the new features of the site in our screenshot tour. There are still some tweaks that are being made, but all-in-all, the site is functional and will soon be ready to be released to the masses.

We’ve spent a lot of time in design and testing of this new site and we hope you all enjoy using it.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the tour (at any time, click on an image to see its larger version).

Redesigned Front Page

Our front page has been redesigned in order to give you quick jumping points to all of our services while keeping the page clean and un-cluttered:

New IT Training Front Page

In the main content area of the front page you will find our latest news post as well as our twitter feed, upcoming events, and the latest IT Training Tips Blog post.

The right sidebar has links to several locations including a quick search bar. The icons in the Stay Connected section take you to our:

Facebook Facebook
it2go Podcast it2go Podcast
IT Training Tips Blog IT Training Tips Blog
it2go Newsletter it2go Newsletter
Twitter Twitter

The Ask a Question section directs you to the Ask a Question feature of the IT Training Tips Blog.

Re-Worked Navigation

The navigation of the site has been re-worked so the things that are most important to you are within just a couple of mouse clicks. There are two places where navigation can be found on the new site, the header and the footer.

Header Navigation

The header of the site has been designed to hold the site-wide navigation:

Header Navigation

The five menus across the top — Training, Certification, Downloads, News, and Your Account — contain all of the day-to-day links for the site. The top right of the header has links to several frequently asked for items such as directions and parking information for the training facilities, a little bit about us, and a link to a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that we will look at a little bit later in the post.

Footer Navigation

The footer navigation is an exact mirror of the header navigation designed for easier navigation on a mobile device:

Footer Navigation

This menu serves as a quick jumping point for those who know exactly what they’re looking for. It also allows users who aren’t using JavaScript or users on mobile devices to more easily navigate the site. Everything in the header navigation is here in the footer navigation as well.

New Feature: The Training Browser

The training browser is probably the one feature of the site that we have spent the most time designing, creating, testing, and then designing, creating, and testing again. The biggest complaint of the old IT Training site design was that training was sometimes difficult to find. You first had to decide what type of training you wanted (Instructor led or Self-Paced) and then choose the topic. We decided that we want to make all of our training available on a topic-by-topic basis, and the usability testing has proved that this was a good idea.

Here’s the initial view of the training browser with Microsoft Word selected:

Training Browser - Initial View Word Selected

As you can see in the screen shot, the navigation from topic to topic is handled in the left sidebar of the browser. We took all of the training topics we offer and grouped them into the most logical groups we could come up with. We then asked workshop participants what they would name each group and this is what they came up with.

Once you select a topic, every piece of training we offer is accessible in the main section of the page. It is divided into two different major categories, Instructor Led training, and Self-Paced training. Instructor led training is training facilitated in some way by a live instructor; this could be online, in a classroom, or a combination of the two. Self-Paced training is training that you can download/watch to learn on your own.

Our Instructor Led training all looks like this:

Training Browser - Word Collabortive Tools Expanded

This is where you can find a description, learning objectives, and even reviews of the training. If all looks good to you, you can register for this training from this area too.

The training browser’s content can also be filtered by campus and date using the filtering at the top of the page:


You simply click on the filter you would like to apply (Location or Date) and choose your options. The training content is then filtered accordingly, so you only see the training content that fits your schedule or is offered on a campus near you.

You can also expand or collapse all information from here as well as look at all of our Instructor Led training in the topic of your choice in a chronological listing with View By Date.

The training browser has several other features built into it, two of which we will look at in the next two sections of this post.

New Feature: Downloadable Workshop Materials

If you have a valid Indiana University username and passphrase, you will now be able to log into our website and download PDF versions of our workshop materials. This can be done from the training browser in the Self-Paced section or on the Materials & Exercise Files Download Page from inside the Downloads menu.

This is what that section looks like in the training browser:

Training Browser - Download Materials

From here you have access to all of our workshop PDFs including PDFs that we have produced as supplemental material for certain software, e.g. What’s New in Dreamweaver CS4, or Microsoft Office 2010: What’s New. Our workshop materials are in the top table and our non-workshop materials, including workshops we no longer teach, are located in the lower table. Basically if we’ve created it and you can read it, you’ll find it here. Just point to a topic title in these tables to see a short description so you know what you are downloading before you download it.

New Feature: Recorded Events and Tutorials

All of our recordings and tutorials are now available in the training browser on a by-topic basis:

Training Browser - Recorded Events & Tutorials

This is where you will find all of our recorded IT Training Live! events as well as all of the tutorials that were once located on our tutorials page. Basically, if we’ve created it and you can watch it, you will find it here.

New Feature: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

And last, but definitely not least, we’ve added a structured FAQ section to the site. It’s located in the top right of the header and looks like this:

FAQ Content

This is the one-stop-shop for questions related to our IT Training services. Things like “Where can I park?” or “How much do workshops cost?” will be answered here in detail. If you’re looking for a technical answer to a technical question, you can always check out the IU Knowledgebase or Ask a Question to the IT Training Tips Blog.

That pretty much does it for this screenshot tour! This website will be available for you all to explore on your own soon!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the comment box below to let us know and we’ll have someone from the web redesign team respond to your question!


  1. Ganesh Maharjan

    It seems so nice and complete website for IT Training Website. Navigation and Looks of this website is great and where I found social network sharing buttons too that’s I like much, while I see these button I use to share the post/page/article which I like I can share with my friends.

    • Tom Mason

      Thanks Kathy! If you could give us more of an idea of what you’re seeing, it would be helpful. Things like which web browser you’re using, what operating system you’re using, etc.

    • Tom Mason

      I’ll take a look and see what I can find. I have the suspicion that you might be seeing the site through IE8’s development tools. See this post to see how to fix that. Another possible solution is to upgrade to IE9. It’s a free upgrade, available through Windows Update.

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