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A few weeks ago I was getting ready for a business trip and I knew that I was going to be on a plane for many hours. I wanted to use that time to review some training videos that my department had created with Adobe Connect. The videos were .flv’s and I wanted to convert them so that I could view them on my Kindle and/or Samsung smartphone.

While I could’ve used Adobe Media Encoder had I been working on my own computer, I was working on my son’s computer and he didn’t have a converter installed. Since I didn’t want to buy an application, I did a search for a free video converter. After reading the reviews for Freemake, I decided to give it a try.

After downloading from Freemake’s website, I opened the program for the first time.

Freemake Video Converter User Interface

There was no learning curve at all for this application. You simply open it up and begin using it.  Click on the appropriate blue button from the top menu to begin importing the file you wish to convert, and then when the file shows up in the middle pane, you click on the button at the bottom of the window that lists your desired format or device. An Output parameters dialog box appears, which allows you to change the preset configurations if you wish. If not, you simply click on the Convert button and then sit back and wait.

According to the publisher’s description, you can convert from/to 250+ formats. You can also convert and upload content directly to YouTube or Facebook.

I have used this application several times now, converting videos for use on several different devices. So far I have been very pleased. All of the videos I have converted have been playable and the quality has been adequate for the selected device. The application has never frozen or crashed during the conversion process, and the conversion time was similar to what I have experienced with other, more expensive applications. In my opinion, this is a nice little app that is worth having.

Have you used this application? Do you like it? Do you have other free conversion software that you prefer? If so, leave me a comment below.



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