Recording with Lync

Ever need to record a phone call conversation?  Or even just record a meeting in a conference room? With Microsoft Lync it is made easy.  See instructions below: (special thanks to Jason Groce at the IUPUI School of Education for providing the documentation for this feature!)

1) Select Show Menu Bar if it doesn’t already appear in your client


2) Select Meet Now:

3) If prompted, click OK on the Join Meeting Audio dialog box.   Otherwise, go to step 4

4) Start the recording by selecting Start Recording.

5) Verify you are now recording.

6) Add participants by inviting them to the call here (skip this step if you are only recording within room):

7) Enter a phone number in A or select from one of your contacts in B.

8) When your attendees are added to the call, they are notified that the call is being recorded.

9) Stop the recording after you are finished by selecting the Stop Button.

10) The Stop Recording dialog box will appear.  You can type the title of the recording (A), opt for a version that you can send to others (B) and verify where the file is being saved (C).

11)  Don’t forget to end your meeting by clicking on the disconnect icon  (1) or  closing the window (2).

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