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Use Twitter as a Learning Tool

Depending on how you use it, Twitter can be an incredible time-waster or a useful resource.  Because you’re reading this blog, I assume you’re interested in learning about technology. Why not use Twitter as a tool to further your learning? In this post, you’ll find a curated list of Twitter accounts that regularly share links to… Read more »

Presenting Data like a Pro: Excel

So, you’ve put together some super interesting and wickedly compelling data in Excel that you want to share with your colleagues. While the data might be 100% clear to you, sometimes lots of numbers  can seem a little obscure to an outside party. What do you do in order to present the data and get… Read more »

Access vs. Excel

Excel and Access are both very powerful applications. They are each special in their own way, however; there comes a time when the things you are trying to do can be completed in either work space. So, what do you choose? Neither of these applications are necessarily better than one another, but their features might… Read more »

The End of an Era

It is a sad month for Microsoft Office users. Click here to find out why.

Quick Tip: Why Does My Page Look Funny in Internet Explorer?

Have you ever visited a page that looked fine in Internet Explorer one day, and then the next it looks like a web page designed by a monkey? If so, you are suffering from a disease I’ve come to call “Compatibilitus Brokenus.” Better known as “Compatibility View broke my web page.”