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IT Training Certificate Series–Updated

Earning a certificate from IT Training is a great way to enhance your skills in areas like Microsoft Office, web development, and creating graphics.   Office 2016 is here, so we’ve updated some of the series workshops (note major changes to the Access series). The process is the same. You take a series of related IT… Read more »

Want to Travel to Australia, Kenya, Chile? Here’s Your Chance!

“Adobe is working with Passion Passport to give six students from around the world the chance to travel to one of three of the world’s most protected natural environments. On location, students will use Adobe Creative Cloud to capture and interpret the environment’s sights, sounds, and sensations. Each student’s creative output will be showcased through… Read more »

12 Free Courses from Adobe KnowHow

I just got an email from Adobe KnowHow about free courses available on popular programming languages.  When I went to investigate, I discovered that Adobe KnowHow is a learning platform providing training on various Adobe programs. While most of the courses on KnowHow are not free, there are 12 courses, including the Try an Hour… Read more »

Convert a frame’s shape in InDesign

If you want to try on shapes of image frames in InDesign, you don’t have to keep re-drawing frames and re-placing images. From InDesign’s menu bar, choose Object>Convert Shape and choose the shape of your choice. InDesign will convert your existing shape into the one you want.

Creating and Using Templates with InDesign, Part 2: Footers and Paragraph Styles

In the last Creating a Template with InDesign Part 1 article, we covered guidelines extensively. In this Part 2, we’ll cover creating footers and paragraph styles. Generally recurring published materials like magazines have such information as title, page number, and date as footer information. With our template, it just makes sense to add this now… Read more »

Add Multiple Page Sizes to One InDesign Document

If you’re familiar with InDesign and the Pages panel, you should already be aware as to how to add pages and even work with Master Pages so that you can carry designs throughout your document. But sometimes you have a document that may need different page sizes. Up until recently, the only way to do… Read more »