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New Look and Functionality for Box at IU

A simpler, more user-friendly interface is coming to Box at IU.  Last fall, you were able to preview the new interface with a choice of going back to the legacy system if you weren’t ready for the change.  On May 25th, the new interface will be the only option. New features include: a cleaner look keywordless search copy-paste… Read more »

Your Options for Storing and Sharing Documents Online at IU

As a member of the IU community, you have some great options for online document storage, sharing, and collaboration. This post will give you an overview of Box at IU, Google at IU, and Office 356. Visit the IU Knowledge Base (KB) to see a full comparison chart for the three services. Box at IU… Read more »

Google at IU

IU students, faculty, and staff have access to yet another online collaboration tool. It’s Google at IU! You might wonder why you should use Google at IU instead of Box.iu for collaboration and storage. Frankly, it’s a matter of personal preference. You’ll find that both services have their pros and cons, so I suggest experimenting to see… Read more »

Making Annotations in Box Notes

Box at IU is more than just a simple, secure way to store your files online. With Box, you can share files and folders and collaborate with classmates and colleagues. One useful tool for collaboration is the Box Note. Box Notes are easy to create, edit, and share, plus they have tools you can use to annotate… Read more »

Adobe Connect for Online Presentations

When it comes to Adobe Connect at IU, whether you’re starting at a beginner level (like the subject in the photo on the left) or you’re an advanced user, our recent webinar “Adobe Connect for Online Presentations” likely has some takeaways you can use. View the webinar recording for “Adobe Connect for Online Presentations.” In this… Read more »

IU is upgrading to Adobe Connect 7.5 in May

NOTE: In this article, I discuss Adobe Connect (and other online collaboration solutions) available at IU. In order to get an account to use Connect at IU, you must be faculty or staff. For those not in the know, Adobe Connect (or, as the official name goes, Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional) is a web browser-based… Read more »

Version Control in Dreamweaver CS4

Version control (also known as source code management or source control) is a formal system by which changes to a set of documents are tracked and managed. Used in software and web development, law, and business, version control systems provide a historical audit trail of when changes were made, who made them, and what was… Read more »