Searching and Submitting Ideas to Tableau

Idea Bubble One of the great things about Tableau is the support provided to its user community, from their extensive product support to their wide array of training resources. Another great resource they make available is the Ideas Tableau support community, a space that allows Tableau users to submit new ideas and search existing submissions. The Ideas space also provides its user community the opportunity to upvote a submission. And since submissions can be reviewed and commented on by others, it’s also a good resource to find possible existing solutions related to your idea.

Tableau makes it easy to search existing submissions. A great feature of the Ideas space is the provided Tableau visualization, allowing users to search existing ideas and view them as marks with responsive tooltips and select URL actions that open the respective idea submission. Using the text search, date, and status quick filters in the viz, you can quickly locate existing ideas submitted by the community. The space also provides a link to view all submissions, a Top Ideas visual, a Recent Ideas section, and some useful articles related to submitting ideas to Tableau.

Tableau has incorporated many of these submitted ideas in prior releases. In fact, in my prior blog post (A Quick Look at Tableau Desktop 9.2) I commented on how the enhanced functionality to move the Totals display was an Idea favorite. Check out this article to learn how submissions from the Ideas support community are evaluated for possible release. So the next time you have a great idea for Tableau, make sure to visit their Ideas community support page.

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