Get free Tableau training from Pluralsight and

Are you using Tableau Desktop? Or do you want to, but don’t know where to begin? There are a lot of Tableau training videos and articles available. It may seem overwhelming. That’s where IT Training comes in to make it easier to learn Tableau.

IT Training has a Tableau Training Resources web page that organizes the many learning materials from the Tableau web site, Pluralsight,, and other online areas. Our Tableau Training Resources points you in the right direction in how to get the Tableau Desktop software, highlights the new user training videos, and includes links to using Tableau at IU and additional Tableau resources.

If you are looking for specific Tableau learning topics, see our Tableau Self-Study Syllabus web page. It categorizes the Tableau learning videos based on big data analysis themes (e.g., preparing your data, connecting to your data, visualizing your data with charts and maps, analyzing your data, authoring dashboards, and much more!).

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