Using SQL: Data Retrieval in Self-Study Mode

This article contains information about how to configure your personal computer to use these materials at your own pace. All you will need is access to the internet.

First, let’s launch Aqua Data Studio. We will be using IUAnyWare. Follow the instructions here to get logged in and the Citrix Client installed.

Once you are logged in and have the Citrix Client installed, all we have to do is launch the application. Aqua Data Studio is located inside the Databases folder.

Once you have clicked on Aqua Data Studio, you can pick up where you left off in the materials.


  1. Rasheeda Moore


    I took the above class today, but I’m not currently enrolled in classes. Is there anyway I can practice what I learned?

    • Tom Mason

      You can practice everything we did in the classroom by downloading, installing, and using the Oracle client from their website on your own machine, then using SQL Developer (it comes in the Oracle package). That should give you everything you need to study SQL: Data Retrieval and SQL: Advanced Data Retrieval and Data Modification (up to the point where we use an INSERT query in the workshop).

      We’re currently working on a better way to self-study these materials since installing the Oracle client on your own machine can be confusing.

      If you have more specific questions, please send them along using the “Ask a Question” page on the blog. It’s located in the top of the sidebar. From there, I’ll be able to address whatever questions you may have.

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