Sound Effects for everyone in Soundbooth CS4

One of the most challenging aspects of being creative is finding all the assets that one needs to put together an impressive project.  Some are easier than others.  If you need a picture of a tree in your project, you probably have a camera, and a tree nearby to get the job done.  If you need a sound clip of someone speaking, you might have a microphone and just do it yourself.

But what if you need the sound of a helicopter flying by?

Well, Soundbooth is here to help us out, through it’s Resource Central panel. In Resource Central in Soundbooth, hundreds of incidental and strangely specific sound files are available for download for use in your project, with few restrictions. (Read the Terms of Use here)

To get to Resource Central, open Soundbooth, and from the menu bar click Window->Resource Central.

The Resource Central Panel appears (the News section is selected by default)Resource Central Screen Shot

To preview a sound effect, click the Play button (right pointing arrow), next to the name.  To download it to use in Soundbooth click the downward pointing arrow.

Let’s look at a few of the types of sounds you can find in Soundbooth Resource Central:

  • Ambient Noises – If you need background sound while the main action happens elsewhere, this is the place to be.
  • Environmental sounds – Going out into a thunderstorm with lots of electronic sound recording equipment is not a great idea…now you don’t have to!
  • Sports sounds – Basketball, baseball, golf, football, any sport that makes a sound worth recording is in the Sports category
  • Horror Effects – Lots of scary monster noises, including bones crunching, zombie noises, and evil laughs.
  • Sci-Fi noises – All of the sounds you need to make your own futuristic technology come to life.
  • Vehicle Noises – Helicopters, cars, trains…they’re all here.
  • Production Effects – Watch any action or horror movie trailer, and pay attention to the transistions between title cards, and you’ve got a good idea of the sounds that are available in this category.

The list goes on and on and on.  With Resource Central Adobe has provided us with a host of these incidental files that make your project seem much more polished and professional.  Resource Central also exists in Premiere and Encore, but those offerings aren’t anywhere near as impressive as the Soundbooth offerings.

My recommendation is to get into Soundbooth, and see what kind of sounds you didn’t even know you needed.

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  1. Steve Renwick

    CS4 is truly a great product. When Adobe added multi track capabilities it gave it the ability to compete against other pro audio applications like Peak. One thing to note is the breadth of sound effects available – resource center provides over 5000 clips.

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