Social Media Protip: Filter Tweets Based on Source, Keyword, or Person Using TweetDeck

I caused quite the stir earlier today on my personal Twitter account when I announced:

Oh man... global filter in TweetDeck, why have I not discovered you before now! No updates from Foursquare OR Tumblr now!!

So I decided that I would share with you all. If you’ve been a long-time TweetDeck user like I have been, you may or may not have noticed the added feature called Global Filter. Global Filter allows you to completely filter out people, hashtags, sources, etc. from all of your lists, searches, and feeds in TweetDeck.

The Global Filter is located in Settings -> Global Filter. From there just add the information you want to filter out of your feeds like so:

TweetDeck Global Filter


Click Save Settings and you’re done! No longer will the annoying posts show up in your timeline, and you don’t have to go through the awkward situation surrounding the unfollowing of someone you are real-world friends with!

Happy Tweeting!


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