Learn more about Photoshop with Photoshop CS6 Extras webinars

If you have attended IT Training workshops in Photoshop and still want to learn more, sign up for our monthly webinars, entitled “Photoshop CS6 Extras.” These sessions are free to anyone–and the best news is, we will be posting recordings of them here.


Here is what we have so far:

Disappearing act   2/1/2013: Learn to extract one person from a group of people and make the absence look seamless. Learn how to add a new background to the image of the extracted person.

Change that foreground/background 2/22/2013: Learn four new ways to change a background–even around fine, blowing hair– and learn two new ways to add and modify a foreground item so it blends in perfectly. With Layer Comps, you can experiment with many versions of an edited image.

Create a 2001-style HAL computer – 3/22/2013: Create the whole thing: red eye and shiny surface.

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