Why Go Paperless?

Go Paperless! IT Training can help!

This is part of a series of articles that will appear over the next few months as part of the Go Paperless initiative at Indiana University.

Are paperless systems really worth the time and effort that it takes to set them up?

Suzanna Kaye, professional organizer and productivity expert and host of the lynda.com course called Going Paperless: Start to Finish, says yes. In the opening segment of the course, she lists the following advantages of going paperless:

  • Paperless systems provide on-the-go access. Your data is available to you whenever you have internet access.
  • Paperless systems speed up the process of finding the information you need.
  • Paperless systems take up minimal space.
  • With paperless systems, it is very easy to create back-ups of all your important data.
  • With the security available through backup and storage programs, your information has stronger and more advanced protection from prying eyes and theft, unlike a home or office filing system.
  • Unlike paper that needs to be shredded or recycled, virtual documents can be purged easily.

Suzanna goes on to give advice and best practices for going paperless. She covers topics such as backing up and maintaining information, managing passwords, creating storage policies, stopping junk mail, using Dropbox for online storage, scanning paperwork, and more.

Members of the IU community can access this useful video course for free by clicking here. If you are not a member of the IU community, you can purchase a lynda.com license and then use the search feature in lynda to find the course.

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