Quick Tip: Add Your Picture to Your Business Card in Outlook 2010

In my last few posts, I have been discussing how to create and use business cards in Outlook 2010. Today I will explain how you can add your picture to your business card.

Follow the directions below:

  1. To get started, open the Contacts folder in Outlook.

  2. If necessary, change to Business Card view.
  3. Next, double-click on your business card from the list.
  4. A contact form opens. On the Ribbon, in the Options group, click on the Picture button.
  5. From the drop-down menu that appears, click Add Picture… An Add Contact Picture dialog box appears.
  6. Navigate to the folder where your photograph is stored.
  7. Double-click on the photo you want to use.
  8. The picture is placed next to your name in the contact form and on your business card.
  9. If you want to change the size or position of the picture on your business card, click on the Business Card button on the Ribbon. The Edit Business Card dialog box opens.
  10. Use the options under “Card Design” on the right side of the dialog box to change the size of the picture (Image Area) or the position (Image Align).
  11. When finished, click on the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  12. On the Ribbon of the contact form, click on the Save & Close button.
  13. Now the photograph will show up on the card  in your Contacts folder and on your business card when it is inserted into an email message.
  14. It will also be displayed in the panel that appears below email messages when the People Pane is turned on (set to Normal).


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