Adding a Second Inbox in Outlook 2010

One of the great things about Outlook is that Microsoft recognizes that users may need to access, read, and even manage others’ calendars, messages, and task lists. In our IT Training Outlook workshops, we cover a number of different ways that users can access, share, and manage multiple calendars, but because most users tend to want to maintain control of their own Inbox, we don’t do as much with the sharing of email. There are times, however, when this may be necessary.

Let’s say that you are an administrative assistant and you need to be able to open your own personal Inbox and your organization’s Inbox, too, and you need to be able to switch back and forth between the two very quickly. In situations such as this, you could add a second Outlook profile to your computer, but then you would still have to open each account separately. A better option may be to add a second Inbox to your Outlook account.

To do this, follow the directions below:

  1. Open the first Outlook account.

    Open account

  2. Click on the File tab to move to Backstage view.

    File tab

  3. Look on the left side of the screen, and verify that the Info button is selected.

    Info button

  4. From the middle panel, click on the Account Settings button. A drop-down menu appears.

    account settings from drop-down menu

  5. From the drop-down menu, click on Account Settings… An Account Settings dialog box opens.

    type the name

  6. Click to select the name of the first Outlook account.


  7. Click on the Change… link that is located just under the tabs. A Change Account dialog box appears.

    Change link

  8. Click on the More Settings… button in the bottom right corner. A Microsoft Exchange dialog box opens.

    More settings button

  9. At the top of the dialog box, select the Advanced tab. Directly underneath the tabs, you see a section that will allow you to open additional mailboxes.

    Advanced tab

  10. To continue, click on the Add button. An Add Mailbox dialog box appears.

    Add Button

  11. Type in the name of the additional mailbox, and click the OK button.


  12. The new mailbox should now be listed in the Mailboxes field at the top of the Microsoft Exchange dialog box.

    Name is listed

  13. Click the OK button.
  14. Click the Next button in the bottom right corner of the Change Account dialog box. You see a congratulations message in the Change Account dialog box.


  15. To continue, click the Finish button.
  16. Click the Close button. The newly added Inbox should now be listed at the bottom of your folders list. You can easily move back and forth between the two by selecting the appropriate folder from the list.


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