Quick Tip: Why Does My Page Look Funny in Internet Explorer?

Have you ever visited a page that looked fine in Internet Explorer one day, and then the next it looks like a web page designed by a monkey?

Microsoft's Apology for IE 6

If so, you are suffering from a disease I’ve come to call “Compatibilitus Brokenus.” Better known as “Compatibility View broke my web page.”

By default, Microsoft Internet Explorer switches between normal browser mode to compatibility view when it finds a code error of some kind on the page. Sometimes, it gets stuck in Compatibility View after moving from the page with the suspect code, causing the rest of the web to be viewed in this mode.

Training Navigation Using IE9 Training Navigation using IE9 Compatibility View

The fix for this is simple, yet somewhat hidden:

  1. To open the Developer Tools in Internet Explorer,
    Press F12
  2. To disable Compatibility View,
    Disable Compatibility Mode Small,
    Click Internet Explorer #
  3. To close the Developer Tools,
    Press F12

And presto! Back to normal!

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