Updated iOS app for lynda.com

Based on the most recent statistics, the lynda.com training offerings appear to be rather popular with the IU community. And they have made another change recently that is likely to only make it easier for those who use an iOS-based device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) to get to their fine work…

The lynda.com app [free!] available in the iTunes Store now works with the IU login method.

Using it is very easy:
1. Install the free lynda.com app on your iOS device.
2. Open the free lynda.com app, and push the “login” button.
3. In the login screen, flick toward the bottom, so you see the “web portal access” button, and push it.
4. In the URL field, enter the URL for the IU lynda.com training portal:
and be certain the “Remember this URL” switch is ON, then push the blue Go button.

You’ll be prompted for your CAS Authentication information (your IU username and passphrase), and once you type that in properly, you’ll be whisked away into the lynda.com training library!

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