lynda has improved her look!

Easier ways to search has not only changed its appearance, but has added enhancements to its search features.

The new interface allows you to search lynda’s library of training videos by choosing the subject, the software, or the author of the topic you are looking for:

Filters can be applied to your search to narrow down and find just the course that you need.

Additional filters can be added by clicking on the desired result:

The “new” option on the menu will allow you to see the newest releases, documentaries and information about new features of the web site.

The search on the menu bar allows multiple words to be entered to help narrow the search.

You can continue to filtering the search by choosing the options that closely match the topic you want to learn.

Once you are in a course, the Table of Contents allows you to see each part of the course and the time allotted for each video. Exercise files are available on the exercise files tab.

Closed Captioning is available by turning on the option:

You can search for text within the courses that have been captioned by going to the transcript tab. Here are all the transcripts for the movies in the course.

New courses are constantly added to Functionality is always being improved.

Questions can be directed to the Customer Service Team.
Feedback is welcomed through Site Feedback button at bottom of every page.

To watch a video detailing the new features, see:


  1. Ben Shore

    Well done on the changes to Lynda! The search seems to work better and I really like the new appearance


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