Choosing a Video Player in lyndaCampus

If you watched the lyndaCampus information video, or attended the Personalize your Learning with Webinar, you know that you can choose your preferred video player for watching lynda content. If you’re not sure which player to use, keep reading.

There are four players available on lyndaCampus:  Flash, QuickTime Standard, QuickTime Custom, and Windows Media. You can choose a player (after you’ve logged in to lynda) by going to My Account and then Site Preferences. You’ll see a list of available players and their features. Just lick the radio button next to the player you want to use and click Update

Player preferences
Player preferences















You can also change player preferences from within the movie you’re watching by clicking Player Prefs in the lower right corner of the window. The movie will then reload using the new player.

Let’s look at what you can do with the different players.


With the flash player, you can maximize the movie’s view area, closed captions are available if you need them, and you can bookmark a movie or a spot on the movie’s timeline.

The Flash player does not give you the option to increase or decrease the speed of the movie, and when you click a timeline bookmark from the Bookmarks page, the play head will not automatically jump to the bookmarked spot.

QuickTime Standard

QuickTime Standard supports closed captioning, but none of the other features–so no bookmarks. QuickTime Standard is also not compatible with 64-bit operating systems; this makes it a poor choice for those of us who own a newer computer.

QuickTime Custom

With QuickTime Custom, you can click a timeline bookmark on the Bookmarks page and have the movie jump to that bookmark. This is the only player in which this feature works. You also get closed captioning, speed control, and bookmarks.  You can’t maximize the viewing area with this player.

Windows Media (this one’s kind of tricky)

Windows Media Player works on Windows computers only. It supports closed captioning, speed control, and bookmarks. lynda documentation says that you can’t maximize the view size in Windows Media, and that’s true if you’re using Firefox or Chrome. We at IT Training, however, discovered that if you”re using Internet Explorer 9 or above, maximize view size does work in Windows Media.

Speaking of Firefox and Chrome-Windows Media Player is not automatically installed on these browsers. If you haven’t already installed the plug-in for Windows Media on Firefox or Chrome,  follow these links to do so.

Windows Media Player for Firefox | Windows Media Player for Chrome

It’s easy to switch back and forth between players in lyndaCampus, so when you choose one you’re not really making a commitment.

*Note for iPad and iPhone users (This probably applies to other mobile devices as well.)

When you go to lyndaCampus using a browser on an iPad or iPhone (not the lynda app), you can choose either “high quality, for faster connection,” or “low quality, for slower connection.”

Now that you know which video player to use in lyndaCampus, go log in and start learning.

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    Informative! Each player has its plus and minus points, but out of these four i would go for flash player because i like watching videos full screen and this player also allows us bookmarking.

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