Learning Paths: An Introduction

Learning paths road sign.In the coming weeks and months, you will begin to see several posts titled “Learning Paths“. Our goal is to use these posts to illustrate the sequence of workshops, webinars, and other training resources we recommend to accomplish a particular goal.

A learning path poses a question. For example:

I need to create a presentation for one of my classes.  I used PowerPoint in high school, but I haven’t used the newest version. I’ve also heard that there are other good applications available for creating presentations. What courses or workshops would you recommend?

It will then go through several ways to get the training you need. There may be IT Training workshops or webinars, or training from one of our outside providers available to help meet the needs identified in the question. For example:

Path ##

If you don’t have access to PowerPoint, or if you prefer to use a cloud-based application that will allow you to create a unique presentation with a different look and feel, you can take the following IT Training webinar to learn everything you need to know about the newest, hippest presentation software currently available:

This workshop is 2 hours long and gives an overview of all features available in the application.

We will start with some of our most requested learning paths and expand from there. We will start with the example used in this post! To see how to create presentations, check back on Wednesday!

As always, we value your input. If there’s something specific that you would like to see, leave us a comment and let us know!

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