What is IUanyWare?


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The other day I was teaching an online workshop, and at the beginning of the class, the participants where asked in a survey “Are you using IUanyWare?” To my surprise, quite a few people answered “IUWhat?!” If you aren’t familiar with IUanyWare, then it’s time to get acquainted. I guarantee this powerful client will save you from download overload someday.

IUanyWare is like IUWare’s little sister. First off, IUWare is a free software distribution service for Indiana University students, faculty, and staff. You can download a wide variety of software packages at complete no charge to you (aka, you already paid for this service with your tuition, so you better use it!). You can download things like Microsoft Word, Adobe Creative Cloud, antivirus software, etc.

So then, what happens when you’re not on your own computer but still need this software? Or what do you do if you literally have no more space on your laptop for another application to slow it down? This is when IUanyWare steps in. IUanyWare is a client virtualization service, which is a fancy way of saying you can use a web browser (or even a mobile app) to stream and run certain IU-licensed software without actually having to install them on your computer.

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Impressed? You should be! IUanyWare lets you access tons of software without the hassle of initially waiting to install it. And it gets even cooler than that–IUanyWare can allow Mac users to run things like Outlook 2013┬áthat they wouldn’t have been able to download. It also give tablets and mobile phones the opportunity to run applications that don’t even exist for mobile devices.

You’ll need to do a little bit of set up before you can begin, but nothing that’s going to drive you crazy, make you confused, or bog you down. Just simply download the Citrix Reveiver, and then you can stream whatever application you want from IUanyWare.

I suggest giving this awesome application a try. I love using IUanyWare when I have a simple one time project that I need to do with some software I haven’t downloaded. I also like using IUanyWare to stream things onto my iPad. Find out what you like to do with IUanyWare, and definitely take a look at all of the amazing things IU has to offer in the IT field. Comment below and let us know how you use IUanyWare!

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