Android vs. Apple: Which one is for you?

Person taking a photo with a Samsung phone.

With devices in the technology market ever-changing, it’s hard to stay up-to-date on what the pros and cons of each phone are. Hopefully, these next few paragraphs will enlighten you on which system is for you.

Let’s start with Android and its advantages over competitors. Android advantages:

  • Great for multitasking; it can run many apps at the same time
  • Will always notify you – there’s always notification on home screen as well as LED blinking indicator
  • Playstore (app store) – thousands upon thousands of apps readily available, even those from third-party developers
  • Apps are also, on average, cheaper than those on iOS systems
  • Multiple phone options from various manufacturers include Samsung, HTC, Motorola, & more – and each have their own style
  • Custom ROM can be installed
  • Use of NFC for multiple things, such as cashless payments or ease of sharing images & more
  • Ease of customization for user interface
  • Prices are wide in range
  • Flexible – pairs well with many devices

As with any technology, there are disadvantages to Android, too.  Android disadvantages:

  • Most phones need some type of internet connection active (although this is not always the case)
  • Although many apps are free, ads will more-likely-than-not be somewhere in that application
  • On average, battery life is poor
  • Device heats up easily
  • Updates are not given to all devices at the same time

Now let’s not forget Android’s top competitor – Apple.  What are the advantages to this system, you ask? Here they are:

  • Updates come out seemingly quick
  • Pairs well with Apple devices, such as iPad and Mac
  • Little to no extra or unwanted apps that come on the phone already
  • On average, devices are worth more when you try to resell them
  • Easier charging with lightning cable – no wrong way to plug it in
  • iMessage & FaceTime – easy ways to communicate with others
  • Usually more storage available
  • Camera is one of the most advanced

Last but not least, Apple phones also have their downsides as well.  The disadvantages of Apple are:

  • Their dependence on iTunes when connecting music to your computer
  • The headphone jack has disappeared, which means you need to buy an adapter or specific Apple Earpods
  • Prices are increasing with each new phone
  • You cannot remove the Li-Po battery, which would be handy for uses like charging externally
  • Lack of quick charging option
  • Screen resolution is less than other competitors

Now that you are enlightened about some of the major advantages and disadvantages of each operating system, you can choose which one best suits you.  I am biased towards Android, personally, and would never switch to an iPhone.  Whichever system you decide to purchase, there will always be pros and cons; but at least you did some research before going off of popular vote.


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