Creating an Object Style in InDesign that doesn’t affect previous formatting

Object Styles in InDesign are used to package a set of options for an object.  Things like the stroke, the fill, the text wrap, and other things that we can apply to an individual frame.  Styles are great, because they allow us to apply the same style over and over again, which gives us consistency.

But there’s another way we can use them.  Rather than package all the styles we need at once, we can select individual traits that we want to apply, without removing the formatting we’ve already applied.

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create a style like this.  In this case, we will create a style that rounds the corners of a text frame, without altering any of the other formatting.  That way, you can quickly and easily round the corners of any frame. This method can be applied to anything you can control with an Object Style.  Try it out for yourself!

Creating an Object Style in InDesign

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  1. Nari

    Sup? thank you for the informative tutorial. It helped me improving my skills a lot. It is ever gorgeous to get some impressive inspiration and I hope to find more of such posts here in future because no one will ever stop learning new things. Greetings

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