Add Multiple Page Sizes to One InDesign Document

If you’re familiar with InDesign and the Pages panel, you should already be aware as to how to add pages and even work with Master Pages so that you can carry designs throughout your document. But sometimes you have a document that may need different page sizes. Up until recently, the only way to do this would be to create different InDesign documents and then combine them together in a book, or perhaps some other way that I have never thought of. However, with InDesign CS5 and later, you can actually adjust your InDesign page sizes (much like creating Master pages) inside the Pages panel. It’s really quite simple. Let’s take a look at how that is made possible.

For this tutorial, I am working on a Mac and using CS5, but a PC will work just as well. I came across this function when I needed to create templates for advertisements. I wanted all my templates to be included within one document rather than eight, to save time and space. I will share my journey with you in this tutorial, but the use of different page sizes is endless!

First off, I created a new document with the first page size I need (3.5″ x 1.25″). I had already set my Units and Increments to Inches in the Preferences panel. I’ll fill in the specific information as needed, though I can always go in later and change this. I set the document to hold two pages so that I can go in and change the second page to the next size I need.

new document

You can see here in the Pages panel that I have two separate pages.


pages panel

I will select the second page and then choose the Edit page size on the bottom of the Pages panel and choose Custom Page Size at the bottom of the list.

edit page size

The Custom Page Size dialogue box will appear from which I can add new dimensions and even give it a name.

custom page dialogue

I will hit Okay to accept the changes. You can see now in the Pages panel that a new page size has been added!

new page size

It is that simple. I can add as many different page sizes I would like to and I can give them each a separate name that will be added to the list of optional page sizes available to me within the Edit Page Size function in the Pages panel.

I will add another page size for good measure. First, I will add a new page from the Pages panel, then select it and follow the same steps, naming this new size 1/6 page. Take note that 1/8 page is available for use. Also take note that I have three different page sizes within the same document as evident by the view on the Pages panel.

new custom sizethree page sizes


If I wanted like to add the 1/8 page size as a Master page, the steps are as simple. I will first create a new Master Page. I will do this by selecting New Master from the submenu of the Pages panel located in the upper right corner. I will name this Master Page B.

new master

To apply the 1/8 page size to the B Master, I will select the Master Page B inside the Pages panel, click Edit page size and select the 1/8 page size I just created.

change B master

Now you see that my B Master page has been changed to the new page size. I can apply that master to any of the pages I have in my document by simply pressing and dragging the B master atop any page.  I will get a message asking me if I really want to change the page size. I do, so I will accept this. The page size changes accordingly! And that is it! Now you can add multiple page sizes to any InDesign document!

master page and change document page

And that is it!

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