Insert Video Footage from a Flip Camera Into a PowerPoint Presentation

Today a colleague of mine emailed me with a question about using Flip camera footage in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. He was attempting to use the raw video files from his camera in a presentation but couldn’t get them to work.

PowerPoint 2007 allows users to import the following video file formats: .asf, .avi, .mpg or .mpeg, and .wmv. Since the Flip camera produces an uncompressed .avi file, we should be able to import it. Right?

Wrong. The fact is that even if your video file has the correct file extension, it may not play correctly if the correct version of the codec is not installed on your computer, or if the file is not encoded in a format that is recognized by your version of Windows.

The Flip camera captures video in MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile format and saves the video as an .avi file. So, then, perhaps we just need to download a codec and then it will work in PowerPoint?

No, wrong again. The Flip camera video uses the 3iVX codec. It can be downloaded free from a number of different sites on the Internet, and it is also included when you download and install the Flip camera software. But, even after installing the 3iVX codec, it isn’t possible to insert Flip camera clips into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation.

Why is this? Well, even though it has the right filename extension now, and the needed codec has been installed, it is still not compatible with PowerPoint 2007. Most people don’t realize that PowerPoint uses its own proprietary player called the MCI Player (which is not the same as Windows Media Player). So even if you have the correct codec that is needed for playback of the video file on Windows Media Player, this codec must also be compatible with the MCI player that is used in PowerPoint, and currently the 3iVX codec is not. (I find that integrating video into a multimedia project is a lot like playing with a Rubic’s Cube; you’ve got to hold your tongue just right and get every square lined up!)

So now we understand why the Flip Camera videos are not compatible with PowerPoint 2007, so the next logical question is “What can we do to make them compatible?” The easiest way to use Flip Camera clips in a PowerPoint presentation is to convert them to Windows Media Video (.wmv) and then insert them into a presentation.

While there are a number of different video converters available on the Internet, I like the software called Prism Video Converter. It is free and there is a version available for both the Mac and Windows Operating System. It has an easy-to-use interface, and it will support most popular file formats, including DVD files. In addition, it includes a batch converter, so you can convert multiple files with one click of a button. NCH provides this software for free in hopes that people will upgrade to Prism Plus, their higher-end, full-featured conversion application. To download this free application, go to the Prism Video Converter website and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Click on the appropriate link to download the Video Converter for either Windows or Mac. Once the download is complete, run the file “prismsetup.exe” to install. After the application has been installed, follow these directions to convert your Flip video file(s) into a format that is compatible with PowerPoint:

  1. Open the Prism Video Converter.
  2. Press and drag the file(s) you want to convert into the List of Files to Convert section of the dialog box.
  3. Set the Output folder, so that you will know where the converted file(s) will be placed. (Use the Browse button to navigate to the desired location.)
  4. Click the drop-down arrow on the far right side of the Output Format field and click on .wmv.
  5. You may change other output settings by clicking on the Encoder Options button or the Edit Output button, but the default settings will work fine for most PowerPoint projects.
  6. Click on the Convert button in the bottom right corner of the window.
  7. The Saving Video File dialog box will appear and the green bar will indicate the progress of the conversion. When it is finished, the dialog box closes and the new converted video will be ready to insert into PowerPoint.

Now you are ready to insert the video into the PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation, and select the slide where you want the video clip to be located.
  2. Click on the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
  3. In the Media Clips group, click on the Movie button. The Insert Movie dialog box will open.
  4. Navigate to the converted video clip and double-click. A new dialog box will appear asking if you want to play the video automatically or when clicked. Choose whichever option you prefer. The dialog box will close and you will see the first screen of the video clip on the slide.
  5. Resize and reposition the video clip just as you would any other image. (Use the rounded corner handles to resize, so that you don’t distort the video clip. Also, it is possible to crop the video clip without affecting the way it plays.)
    movie on ppt slide
  6. To view the video, click on the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon, and then click on From Current Slide. The video will start playing automatically if you chose that option.
  7. If the video does not start playing automatically, click anywhere on the video and it should begin playing.

Since the new Flip cameras are becoming so popular, Microsoft may someday create a patch that will make it possible for users to use the raw footage without converting it first, but until then, this conversion method should work without a hitch!


  1. Roger Henry

    Great post, Donna. This is really helpful! Could you perhaps follow up with a post about the best way to embed/link media files if you want to travel? What are the options for moving your PowerPoint files and folders around? For audio files, is it better to embed or link? If you’re doing video, who do you set it up so that PPT remembers the path after you transfer all the associated files to a flash drive, then to another desktop?

  2. Steve Gaines

    Wow Donna. You rock! Thanks so much for finding a solution to this otherwise strange problem. And also for making easy enough for even me to understand. 🙂

  3. Karen K

    You are a life saver. I’ve been banging my head over this for the last 9 months! Thanks for this super helpful tutorial. I can finally give my lectures with video I’ve taken.

  4. Ginger England

    Here is a way I found to do this. (Maybe a new addition to the flip software?)
    Using the flip software…
    1. Create a flip video. (avi file.)
    2.Turn it into a flip movie. (wmv file.)
    3. Export the movie to a specific folder (makes it easier to find).
    Using PowerPoint…
    4.Embed the wmv into PowerPoint.

  5. Kim

    THANK you!
    I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out why I couldn’t load this Flip video and now I can.
    Thank you, you’re a life saver!
    Kim P.

  6. Jay

    Anyone know of a simple digital camera with video capacity that takes video that can be placed directly into powerpoint 2007 without the need to do any conversion at all? Thanks.

  7. jckl26

    Tanbee Flip Video Converter is a powerful software for Flip Video Camcorder which can be used to put Flip videos or audios on their players. This video converter can encode Flip videos to popular video formats: AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, SWF, DV, 3GP, MOV, RM, RMVB and extract audio track from the referred video formats to MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, AMR, M4A files.

    Setp 1: Save your Flip camcorder videos to Computer

    Connect the Flip camcorder to your PC and launch the Flip Video for PC software, save your videos to your PC by clicking the Save Videos link in the Features section, choose the videos you want to save by selecting them, click the ‘Save’ button in the ‘Save to Computer’ box.

    Select Create New Album and click Save, choose a name for your album. The default saving fold is ‘My Documents > My Flip Video Library’.

    Setp 2 : Get Flip camcorder videos in Tanbee Flip Video Converter

    Open Tanbee Flip Video Converter and Click ‘Add’ button, this will open a windows for you to navigate to folder(likely in My Documents > My Flip Video Library) or video files you wish to load and convert. Press ‘Open’ to confirm the files you choose.

    Setp 3: Output Settings

    Select the converting format from the output format list.

    Setp 4: Video Eidt

    This is a platform for you to express who you are and what you like it to be.

    Setp 5: Start Convertsion

    Click “Start” button to start converting your flip videos.

    The output video files can be playback on most popular players, such as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Zune, BlackBerry, Google Phone, Moilbe Phone and so on.

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  8. Irene Behling

    You are truly a lifesaver for me and have spared me innumerable headaches! Thank you so very much!

  9. Kellie

    thanks you sooooooo much, I have been working for hours trying to convert it. Your blog was very helpful 🙂

  10. Rebecca

    I found this post after hours of trying to complete this process online. THANK YOU. Concise, clear, helpful and easy.

  11. Sue

    Very informative and easy to follow, but I’m still having a problem. Once I insert the video clip into the PowerPoint, the audio plays fine, but the video does not–I just get a black box. Any thoughts?

  12. Donna K. Jones


    This sounds like a codec problem. To check, try opening the converted file in Windows Media Player. If it will not play properly, then you will know that you do not have the codec that you need installed on your machine. To learn more about codecs and how to identify the one you need, listen to slides 89 through 94 of the following online presentation:

    If the movie does play correctly in Windows Media Player, it is not a codec issue. Are you connected to a projector? If so, this may be the problem. To read more about a known bug that sometimes occurs when you are attempting to use a laptop connected to a projector to share a PowerPoint presentation that includes videos, read the following article:

    I hope this helps.


  13. hm-ta1 review

    There is a new pocket camera that is about to come out that i think could do this. Its the Panasonic HM-TA1 pocket mobile camera. It also functions as a camcorder when you use the skype service. Its a simple plugin and use

  14. Dan Wilson

    Thank You so much! I have been pulling my hair out trying to solve this issue. I kept researching what formats were accepted instead of specifically how to go from the flip to powerpoint. You are a lifesaver!

  15. Debbie Carne

    Hi there – all Flip files converted, thankyou – but I need now to take the presentation on a stick to my client – do I need to copy all the converted files onto the stick as well as having inserted them into the presentation? If it is just the presentation on the stick, the video clips in the powerpoint wont play. Any advice – many thanks!


    • Donna K. Jones


      Yes, you will need to move all of the files to the Flash drive. Another option is to use the “Package Presentation for CD” feature in PowerPoint to save the presentation. The name may throw you off; you don’t have to save onto a CD when using it. You can actually save the folder that is produced onto any type of media or onto your hard drive. Microsoft should’ve called this feature “Pack and Go” instead, because it packs everything you need into one folder so you can take your presentation to another computer and you can be certain that all audio clips, video clips, links, etc., will work.

      Since I don’t know what version of PowerPoint you are using, I won’t include the directions here. Go into the application’s help feature and search for “Package Presentation for CD” and you will find plenty of help with this process.

      Good luck!


  16. Stephanie

    You’re a life saver!! I was trying for an hour to get the videos into PP before I googled it!! Then I was finished within 15 minutes!! Your directions were perfect!! Thank you soooo much!!

  17. Claire

    This is great information and i will be adding your site to my website. under links so that people can see all that they can really do with their flip thanks great information

  18. Phil

    Hello Donna,

    Great Help! I just started looking for a MCI Player-capable converter… and found this article with your great explanation and the recommendation to use the Prism Converter straight away. Of course it works perfectly; Flip HD video to a 2007 pptx file in about 5 minutes from clicking the link to Prism.

    Are you at all surprised to see that Microsoft still has not released a patch to support Flip video natively? Since you’re probably no more surprised than I am, I would guess you also are not surprised to find people are still finding your great advice on the topic nearly 2 years after you published it…

    Thanks again. I look forward to having another problem you can help me solve some day.

  19. Lea

    Thank you from bottom of my heart. Kid ask me how to do it few days ago and I haven’t minimum idea. In my question is JVC camera but think that will be much easier now. Thanks for posting this Donna.

  20. Deb

    Thank you, my old flip videos played fine and suddenly, (I guess my employer updated my Powerpoint) none of my new videos worked. Thanks for the post, it is still a very helpful document, now I can present my videos at a conference, Thanks again,

  21. Angelina

    Great post, Donna. This is really helpful! Could you perhaps follow up with a post about the best way to embed/link media files if you want to travel.
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  22. Ralf

    Powerpoint is an Excellent Tool for presentations; when you know how to use it. Thanks for the Great tips for this.

  23. janozsh

    Many useful tips for my presentation. Thank you iu.
    I also would love to read a post about the best way to embed media files

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  25. carsten

    Excellent post. it helped me a lot to get into powerpoint. Thanks to your help i think powerpoint is one of the most powerful presentation tools on the market.

  26. Bhavya @ Flower Aura

    Wow, this was such an exhaustive piece. This is such a pertinent problem for me because my livelihood depends on Power Point (being into research lends that curse). I was looking for a thorough guide on inserting videos and found one 🙂

    Seriously man, this is a great service to humanity.

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    I really Love this tutorial on “Insert Video Footage from a Flip Camera Into a PowerPoint Presentation”. really appreciate it.. thanks and more power!

  28. Mia

    You make my presentation unique, and I am sure I’ll rock with video idea. Thanks, this is the brilliant idea

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