Extending STEPS with lynda.com – PowerPoint 2008 for Mac Essential Training

In an earlier blog post, Veronica discusses the lynda.com training that is available for Office for the Macintosh. I was happy to see that she was sharing this information, because participants who attend the IT Training & Education PowerPoint workshops almost always have questions about PowerPoint for Mac versus PowerPoint for Windows. Is the interface exactly the same in the two applications? Do they use the same filename extensions? Can I open up and edit a Mac presentation with the Windows version? Etc., etc…

Since IU students, staff, and faculty can now access lynda.com for free, it is a great time to learn more about PowerPoint for the Mac. In David Rivers’ tutorial called PowerPoint 2008 for Mac Essential Training, you can find out everything there is to know about the Mac version of this application, including how to:

  • create, edit, and share professional slideshows and presentations
  • efficiently navigate presentations
  • apply custom themes
  • place and edit text, images, and multimedia files
  • publish a self-running or manual slideshow

Mac users can watch all of the modules included in this comprehensive tutorial, or they can just watch the sections they are most interested in. If you have already attended our STEPS PowerPoint workshops, you may just want to view the section called Understanding the Interface.

lynda ppt

If you haven’t yet taken any of the STEPS workshops in this series, consider attending one of the following:

  1. PowerPoint: The Basics
  2. PowerPoint: Enhancing & Packaging a Presentation
  3. PowerPoint: Customizing a Presentation
  4. PowerPoint: Project Lab 

This is the last official blog article in the lynda.com series, but you can bet that there will be more information about this fantastic learning resource in upcoming posts.

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