Aligning Video in After Effects with Corner Pin

In After Effects, it is often useful to place an image or video into another video project.  Sometimes this works like the Picture-in-Picture function on some televisions, where the video appears in the corner of the screen, but other times, you might want to make the video or image appear on a screen within the original video, or perhaps on a wall.

Our great enemy in this second case is perspective.  If you aren’t careful, the new video will appear out of place in the background video, ruining the effect. Coming to the rescue is the Corner Pin effect.  The Corner Pin effect allows us to control each corner of the image or video individually, which lets us “pin” the foreground videos corners to any four points we want in the background video.  The best part about it is it’s extremely easy to use.

In the training video below, we’ll explore how to attach a new video to two blank monitors in our background video.  It requires a small amount of After Effects knowledge to follow along, which you can acquire by attending IT Training & Education’s After Effects workshop, or by browsing the Lynda training library.

Aligning Video in After Effects with Corner Pin

At the end of the video, we’ll notice a small problem.  As our background video zooms and pans, the foreground video stays in its original position.  That’s a problem that can only be fixed by motion tracking.  Check back next week, and I’ll post another video that describes how to use motion tracking to allow your foreground video to follow the motion of the camera.

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