After Effects CS5 – Introducing the Roto Brush

One of the most impressive new features of the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5 is the Roto Brush.  The Roto Brush allows us to select an object in a video, and track it throughout the length of the video, separating it from the background.  This allows us to replace backgrounds, or isolate sections of the video for effects.

The ‘Roto’ in Roto Brush refers to Rotoscoping,which is a process used to separate objects or characters in a video from the background.  In the past, this process usually involved going frame by frame and creating a mask for each frame.  At a video standard 30 frames per second, this could take a very long time for almost any video.

With the new Roto Brush feature though, we can simply select the area we want to isolate and then After Effects will track it through the video, while we make minor adjustments to keep it on track.

In this video presentation, we will show you how to use the new feature and give some examples of how you might use the technology to your advantage.

After Effects CS5 – Introducing the Roto Brush

CS5 is now shipping, and it will be available to Indiana University students faculty and staff soon.

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