Adjusting Perspective in an Image with Photoshop’s Perspective Crop

Recently I was taking photos of control screens for technology in classrooms around campus. To make these screens easier to view they are often mounted at an angle. This made getting a photo at a 90-degree angle difficult.

The control panel for technology in a classroom

When I cropped and added the photo to documentation, the angle of the camera was obvious.

Control screen with extranenous parts of image cropped off

The uneven black borders and slight skew to the buttons really bothered me. I remembered Photoshop includes tools for straightening images. I did not remember which tool allowed me to straighten the image so I just went looking at all the tools for something that looked familiar.
At that point, I noticed the Perspective Crop tool. Since the perspective in the photo caused the issue, the tool name sounded promising. I used the tool to crop the image and it did exactly what I wanted.
You can see the tool was able to make the image look as if it was taken at the 90-degree angle:

Control panel with extranenous information cropped and image adjusted for angle it was taken at.

The perspective crop tool has been available since CS6. To learn how use it check out this tutorial:

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