next.iu decision: IU chooses Canvas

To keep Oncourse, or not to keep Oncourse, that was the question…

…and now we have an answer. Over the next two years, Indiana University will be transitioning away from Oncourse as our learning management system (or LMS, for those who like acronyms and abbreviations), in favor of a new LMS called Canvas. Canvas is offered by a company named Instructure, and as we at IU start moving over, we’ll have a series on this blog detailing some of the neat new features that Canvas has to offer.

Ready to learn more about Canvas? Try these links to start with:

Perhaps some of these features will lead you to switch your course management to Canvas long before Oncourse is retired.  I know once I saw the Calendar tool, I was a huge fan. More to come!


  1. Allison Graves

    Will this start to be implemented in Summer 2014 or Summer 2015? I have seen both.

  2. Kim Murday

    Canvas will be implemented as of Summer 2014 at all IU campuses. All summer session courses are available in both Canvas and Oncourse, so any instructor wanted to begin working with Canvas have the option. Oncourse will be phased out by summer of 2016.

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