Participate in Persistent Chat Rooms with UniCom Group Chat

Chat BallooonsDo you find your email inbox choked with many short messages pertaining to extended group discussions? By using IU UniCom’s Group Chat instead of email, you can avoid inbox congestion, gather messages all in one place, and keep them handy for as long as you want .

Group Chat is a part of the new UniCom version R2 suite available to the IU community through IUware. UniCom’s Group Chat is a Windows client that enables you to participate in multiparty, topic-based conversations that persist over time. Posts stay in the chat room after participants log out, so people from different locations  can participate without having to be online at the same time.  This way, Group Chat provides one place for all to see and participate in active conversations. Chat room members can keep many discussions open at a time, and can choose to be alerted when specified keywords come up in any chat room. With Group Chat, you can create a customized list of active discussions (a “My Chat dock”) that can be pinned to your desktop. Therefore, Group Chat enables you to do other things while still being ready to act on discussions pertinent to you. The Search feature allows you to find past discussions so you can review or keep up on issues. You can include documents and links in Group Chat discussions.

 Group Chat is available to the IU community, but to get a group chat room you must apply for it through an administrator. To request one, contact your local support provider (LSP). See more about Group Chat and getting an account at

See a demonstration video at

For more information about Group Chat, see Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat Getting Started Guide, at

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  1. Danny Heathers

    This is a great way to help with any group of people. This is something that I used personally when I was with my Engineering group, this helped keep all of our thoughts together and also help with getting to know each other and communicate easily.

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