New Topic Organization Makes it Easier to Find Training!

We’ve reorganized our training browser to make it easier for you to find the training you need. In addition to our Adobe and Microsoft shortcuts, which enable you to quickly find training on all Adobe and Microsoft software, we have now organized our topics into five top level groups:

  • Design & Media includes training on desktop publishing for print and digital formats, audio and video editing, graphics and animations, and web design.
  • IU Systems has training on IU systems such as Oncourse, eText, ePortfolio, Box, CRM/Talisma, IUIE, IUAnyWARE, Lync SIS, Unicom and WCMS; research computing resources including high performance computing, parallel programming, GIS, and Endnote; and statistical applications SAS and SPSS.
  • Productivity offers training on Microsoft Office, professional skills, basic skills, organizational tools like OneNote and Evernote, SharePoint, cloud computing and communication tools.
  • Technical Skills is where you will find our EdCert program listings and training on other advanced topics such as content management, databases, mobile computing, programming, and server and network administration.
  • Web Development includes training on various web development tools, web design and graphics, programming for the web, and social media.
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