Keep teaching in times of high absenteeism or campus closure

laptopA flu epidemic or service outage due to weather can cause serious disruption of classes. IU has designed a new instructional resource to help instructors match their preferred teaching techniques with IU-supported technologies. The web site, structured around best practices of teaching, provides instructors with information about remote teaching and collaboration technologies, and supplies directions on where to get help from a consultant.
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From a wide range of IU-supported technologies — including email, phones, Oncourse CL, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter, Adobe Connect, and — instructors can recreate important aspects of an effective learning environment even with minimized face-to-face class time.

The guide offers assistance with such issues as how you might, in an online environment, effectively:

• share content from your lectures
• manage discussions, including those for case-study, project, and project-based learning
• create collaborative learning opportunities and facilitate group work
• distribute readings and other resource media
• conduct demonstrations, including audio, video and screen captures
• provide feedback and opportunities for self-assessment
• accept students work products
• establish virtual office hours

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