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Adobe CS5 Launches Today!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for (well, some of us have). Adobe is announcing their newest software, Creative Suite 5! There will be a web seminar at 11am today here:

But you can get a preview of some of the new features right now here:

Also, keep an eye on this page for announcements about upcoming CS5 presentations at IU.

5 Responses to "Adobe CS5 Launches Today!"

  1. schalliol Says:

    Excellent! Now that it has been announced to be shipping within 30 days, does anyone know when it will be available for the IU community? Thanks!

  2. Andy Hunsucker Says:

    That is a good question(and one I’m sure lots of people have). There’s no definitive answer though. IUware needs to get the code, package it, put it up on their server, and then set up the licensing as well, so it’s hard to say. And of course if you remember when CS4 came up on IUware initially, it was almost impossible to download for a couple of weeks after. Hopefully we’ll have a definitive answer in the next couple of weeks.

  3. John Says:

    Any more news on CS5?

  4. Andy Hunsucker Says:

    We should have our serial numbers for IU soon. Hopefully before the end of the month.

  5. Nelson134 Says:

    Excellent source have been provided Adobe offers powerful tools for creative people in every area from web design to video production. Previously we reviewed what’s new there in Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium and Web Premium. Now let us take a look at what video professionals will get with Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium which is already available for preorder.

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