Fireworks: Effectively Designing for Online Recording

This is the recorded presentation of Fireworks: Effectively Designing for Online, which was presented on May 20th.  Also included in this post is a zip file of the final files we created, including the website, and the fireworks png so that you can work with the files on your own if you choose.

Fireworks Final Files

Fireworks Recording

In this session, explore how Fireworks compares to Photoshop and why its particular feature set provides a great way to quickly sketch out web site user interfaces and communicate with others about design ideas. If you’re involved with the design of web pages, web graphics, icons for the web, or any online application, Fireworks is a useful tool.

Who should use Fireworks?

  • designers who are designing things for online display (not for print)
  • non-designers who need to communicate with others (including designers and developers) how you’d like a web page or application to look or work

In this session, we will cover:

  • primary differences between Photoshop and Fireworks
  • how Firework’s vector-based drawing tools allow you to quickly create artwork and interface elements
  • using the Common Library to get common interface elements like buttons into the design
  • using the Styles panel to quickly apply styles to interface elements
  • rearranging and resizing elements
  • the difference between Pages and Layers panels, and how to use them effectively
  • exporting designs into PDF format for collaboration and feedback from others
  • exporting designs from Fireworks into CSS-based layouts ready for Dreamweaver

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