Using Pattern Fills in Excel 2007 Charts

When preparing articles for publication, you may encounter a journal requirement specifying that chart data markers be filled with different patterns such as dots, slanted lines, etc. These types of fills make data that is being displayed in black and white easier to discern than those formatted in various colors. Unfortunately, while Excel 2007 includes a plethora of attractive choices for formatting chart data markers, pattern fills are not among them. Here are links to two articles that show how to apply pattern fills to your chart elements.

The first article from Microsoft Excel Team Blog guides you to the Visual Basic Immediate Window to apply the patterns. Then the author also describes the process for accessing and installing an Add-in to modify the gallery to include pattern fills. The blog is at:

Here is a link to another article by Andy Pope that addresses the way to fix the problem with an add-in.

If you scroll way to the bottom of the article, you will see two links. One takes you to the free download for the add-in; the other has instructions for installing the add-in.

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