“Saving” time in Word, PowerPoint and Excel

“Just Browsing” might be considered worthwhile when we are strolling through the mall with no particular must-haves on a shopping list. But when we’re working in Microsoft Office and frequently saving files, taking time to browse for the preferred folder can be about as productive as hunting for a mall parking spot at Christmas!

Your installations of Microsoft Office applications come with default locations defined for saving files. If, for every file you save, you navigate from that location to another, you could be losing lots of time browsing. And if you absently click the save button without specifying the location, you lose more time later searching for the file and/or moving it to the preferred spot. So how do you tell the application that you would like to head to a different location when you start to save a file?

Default Save Location is one of the options you can set in the application’s options window. In 2007 versions you can  enter the Options window by clicking the Microsoft Office Button in the upper left corner of the window. At the bottom of the window that opens, click the Options button. In Office 2010 applications, click the File tab and click Options in the menu at the left side of the window. 

In the options window there are tons of choices so they are classified according to their purpose. In the list at the left side of the window, you can see that one of the categories of options is Save, and that’s what you want to effect. Click Save in the categories menu at the left. The right side of the window changes to show options that can be set about saving. One field is labeled “Default file location:”  In Word you are given a Browse button to use for navigating to the preferred location. In Excel and PowerPoint you must type or paste the path in the field. To complete the task, click at the bottom of the Options window, click OK.

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  1. Andy Teh

    Thanks for this time-saving tip. I could never figure out why MS Word saved files in the ‘My Documents’ folder by default. I just changed the default file location to my Desktop, which makes it easier-and faster!-for me to locate files that I’m working on.

  2. Karen Lee

    This is great! It certainly saves time. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this, so thank you!

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