Excel: Tip for Saving Multiple Workbooks as One Workspace File

Did you know that if you frequently work with the same multiple workbooks in Excel, you can actually save these into one workspace file?  Then you will only have to open one file (rather than trying to find and open several workbook files) in order to have quick access to all of your Excel data.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do this:

  • Open all of the workbooks that you use at the same time, and arrange them the way you want by clicking Arrange All on the View tab; then choose Tiled,  Horizontal, Vertical, or Cascade.
  • To save the file as a workspace file, on the View tab, click the Save Workspace button, and you will be given an opportunity to choose a location.
  • Click Save. The file will be saved with the extension .xlw.
  • To open the file, navigate to the folder where it is saved, choose the *.xlw file and click Open just like you would any other file. All of the documents will open and be displayed in the same manner as when you saved and closed them. The workspace file will also appear under Recent Workbooks located under the File tab with your other recently saved workbooks.

This workspace file is just a handy way to open multiple workbooks all at once in the same way that you closed them. Everything else works the same. The changes you save to any workbook individually will always appear within the workspace file. If you make any changes to a workbook in the workspace file itself, you will be prompted to save that workbook before closing it.


  1. Tim Blum

    Bless you! I am a Mechanical Engineer converted into a SAP Data Analyst and this will go a long way to creating a tool to validate data for three sites at the same time. Time for some classes so I can create Macros to sort the data the way I want instead of all my custom filtering.

    Thanks again for the tip! You are awesome in one person’s mind today! 🙂


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