Excel: Switching Rows and Columns

Sometimes you encounter data that is arranged in a certain way, but you realize an alternate arrangement of rows and columns better suits the way you want to view the information. For instance, you may want to switch this arrangement:

to this:

The ability to transpose data in this manner, without retyping the entries, resides in the Paste Special dialog box in Excel. To rearrange your data, first select the range of data. Then copy using Ctrl-C or any copying method. Then on the Home tab of the Ribbon, click the drop down arrow under the Paste icon:

When the Paste Special dialog box opens, click the Transpose checkbox at the bottom of the window and click OK:

Paste Special dialog box
Paste Special dialog box


    • Veronica Mount

      It has been available for quite a few versions. It is under the Paste Special options in those versions too.


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