Excel 2010: Converting Case of Text Entries

When you import large data sets into Excel, some columns of text may not display in the case you would prefer. For example, you could have a column of names that are all upper case where you want only the first letter of the name to be upper case. Or you might have a list of model IDs that are lower case where you expected upper case. There are three functions for working with text that might be just the tools you need to improve the appearance of your data.

The functions are UPPER, LOWER and PROPER. This function, =UPPER(A1) will convert the text in cell A1 to all upper case. Similarly, the function =LOWER(A1) converts all the text in cell A1 to lower case. The PROPER function converts just the first letter of the text in the designated cell to upper case.

Proper Function

The best way to convert a column of data is to:

1)      Back up the spreadsheet

2)      Insert a blank column to the right of the column holding the text you would like to change.

3)      In the first row of the new column place the function you need and referencing the cell where the text sits assuming here that my original text is in cell A1: =PROPER(A1)

Copy the function down the rest of the column

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