Undo Send Now Available In Gmail

Ever hastily typed up an email, clicked the Send button, and, in the very next nanosecond, shouted, “Ohhhhh, nooooooo!”?

The mistakenly-sent email has happened to all of us – whether from distraction, anger, inebriation, or other happenstances out of our control – the end result is the same: a sinking feeling of self-reprobation (“How could I have been so stupid?”) or even just mild regret (“I just sent an email to a hundred people about my party, but I didn’t tell them what day or time.”)

Gmail’s recently added a feature that, if you catch your mistake within 5 seconds of clicking the Send button, will allow you to pull back the email before it’s sent. This new feature is called Undo Send, and here’s how you can add it to your Gmail account:

  1. Log into Gmail using your favorite web browser.
  2. To access settings, in the upper right corner of the browser, click Settings.
  3. To access the Undo Send feature, in the list of tabs, click Labs.
Screenshot of Gmail in the Settings area
  1. Scroll down the Labs page (lots of interesting additions, here!) and look for the Undo Send feature.
Screenshot of the Gmail Labs' Undo Send Feature
  1. Click the Enable radio button.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Now, after you send an email via the Gmail and a web browser, you should see:

Screenshot of Gmail with Undo Send feature after sending a message

Currently, the Undo button is available for roughly 5 seconds, so you’ll have to move fast. It’d be great if this were customizable, but any Undo is better than no Undo at all.

Happy emailing! 

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