Google Provides Free Wi-Fi in Airports During Holiday Season of 2009

How do I love thee, Google? Let me count the ways…

  • Search engine is extremely effective
  • Couldn’t have made it through grad school without Google Scholar
  • Gmail provides a massive amount of storage space and unlimited number of free accounts
  • Google Earth is awesome
  • Picasa is the best free photo editing application available
  • Google’s translate tool makes it possible for me to send messages to my Spanish-speaking friends, even though I know very little Spanish
  • The company is creative and not afraid of looking silly (the constantly changing image on the search page proves this)

…and if that isn’t enough, a few days ago Google announced that they would provide free Wi-Fi in airports around the country through January 15, 2010.  That confirms it. My heart now officially belongs to Google!

To see a list of the 47 participating airports, or to read more about this recent announcement, click on the image below:



  1. Ryan Cobine

    I use and enjoy many services Google provides, too. The school my kids attend also gets a great deal of functionality for not much $$ via Google Apps Education Edition.

    That said, don’t give too much of your heart to a corporation without a healthy dose of brain, too (this is starting to sound pretty gross). See for some facts and questions to keep in mind when thinking about Google.

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