Extra Content for Adobe CS4 applications from IU Ware

When installing the CS4 applications available from IUWare, you might have missed some important additional content that is also available.  In this post, we’ll explore what is available in these Extra Content installers, and which items should be considered essential. If you have purchased the disc version of Design Premium, this extra content will be available on the Content disc.

First of all, let’s find out where to get this Extra Content.  It is available from IU Ware at the following address: http://iuware.iu.edu/list.aspx?id=196

NOTE: You should have any CS4 applications you wish you use installed before downloading and installing these files.  Fonts in these packages can be installed without installing CS4 applications.

Here you can download all of the Extra Content that is available. It is separated by program, but we will see shortly, that some of the files inside are duplicated.  First, let’s list what programs have Extra Content available, and what can be downloaded.

  • Design Premium – This package contains fonts, all of which are duplicated in other packages listed below. This package also contains Read Me files for Acrobat 9, Device Central, and Adobe Drive.
    • Illustrator – Fonts, duplicated in the Design Premium Package
    • InDesign – Fonts, duplicated in the Design Premium Package, and a tutorial on scripting
    • Flash – Fonts, duplicated in the Design Premium Package.
    • Fireworks – Fonts, duplicated in the Design Premium Package, along with some sample projects, and tutorials.
  • Dreamweaver – A PDF document containing links to download resources for Adobe AIR, and Spry.
  • Photoshop – A group of useful plugins, including the PatternMaker plugin, along with a host of useful textures, scripts, and layouts.
  • After Effects – Additional templates and backgrounds for use with the program
  • Premiere Elements – A group of templates for use with the program.
  • Premiere Pro – Something of a misnomer, this package contains extra templates for Encore CS4, and some additional files for OnLocation CS4.

Deciding which of these to download depends on what programs you use frequently, but the following should be considered absolutely essential.

Design Premium Extra Content – More fonts to choose from can be a great help, and if you install the Design Premium software, this package is absolutely essential. Since these fonts are duplicated in the Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Fireworks packages, these are not necessary to download if you download the entire package. To install the fonts, just press and drag the individual files into your Font folder (C:\Windows\Fonts). You might get some warnings about duplicate fonts, but just accept the warnings, and allow the non-duplicates to install.

Photoshop Extra Content – You can use Photoshop without these extras, but it is always good to have more options to choose from, especially in the textures folder. And the PatternMaker plug-in can be extremely useful in background replacement, as seen here. Follow the instructions in the Read Me files for installation instructions.

Premiere Pro and After Effects Extra Content – If you use After Effects or Encore CS4, then these packages are very important. The templates and additional backgrounds can help you be more creative, and give you more options to create unique and interesting projects.

Now that you have all of the information on what is in these packages, you can download exactly what you need, and not waste time trying to figure out what might be useful.

For more information on training options for the programs in the Design Premium package, visit IT Training & Education

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