Extending STEPS with lynda.com: Dreamweaver CS4

IT Training and Education currently offers three workshops on Dreamweaver CS4:

  1. Dreamweaver CS4: The Basics covers the Dreamweaver environment and building a publishing a simple web site using tables.
  2. Dreamweaver CS4: Creating Websites with CSS concentrates on how to build a website using Cascading Style Sheets to control the layout.
  3. Dreamweaver CS4: Navigation, Templates & Media Integration covers how to create pop-up menus for navigation, build Dreamweaver templates to simplify site maintenance, and include multimedia on your web sites.

While these workshops provide an excellent platform on which to start exploring web design and development using Dreamweaver, they are by no means exhaustive. And, there may be certain concepts (especially related to CSS) for which you’d like additional reinforcement. This is where lynda.com can come in. Remember that from now until Dec. 20, IU community members get FREE access to lynda.com. As of this writing, lynda.com has 8 Dreamweaver CS4 series, for a total of almost forty additional hours of training on Dreamweaver CS4. Awesome! And when we retire, we’ll actually have time to watch all of it. ๐Ÿ™‚
Here’s a chart to help you narrow down which lynda.com Dreamweaver CS4 videos cover the topics you’re interested in:

lynda.com Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorials Target audience for this lynda tutorial
Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started If you’ve heard of Dreamweaver, but have no idea why you’d use it; this would be a good prerequisite for taking the STEPs workshop Dreamweaver: The Basics.
Dreamweaver CS4 Essential Training You’re ready to build your first web page or web site using Dreamweaver. Covers much the same ground as Dreamweaver: The Basics, with additional coverage of CSS.
Web Site Planning and Wireframing: Hands-On Training
Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS Essential Training You’ve got basic web concepts like tables and images under your belt, and you want to learn how to make attractive, usable, easily-maintainable sites with CSS. Is an excellent refresher course after taking the STEPs workshop Dreamweaver:Creating Websites with CSS.
Creating a CSS Style Guide: Hands-On Training
Dreamweaver CS4 New Features You’ve got prior experience using Dreamweaver to create CSS-based websites, and you’d like to start building dynamic pages based on data from a database, create forms, or add advanced client-side interactivity using Javascript. These lynda tutorials cover areas of more advanced web development not covered in STEPs workshops.
Dreamweaver CS4: Introduction to Spry
Dreamweaver CS4 Dynamic Development

See a more detailed chart after the jump…

Here’s a more detailed chart that covers more detailed aspects of web design and development, and which lynda.com Dreamweaver tutorials cover them. If you’re interested in a particular aspect of web design and development, this chart will help you figure out which lynda tutorials will meet your needs.
(Click graphic to see larger version)
lynda.com Dreamweaver Curriculum


  1. Evalyn Gossett

    I desperately need Dreamweaver how to basics to be offered on the IUN campus. I would love to put the modules I am developing for my S481:Nursing Leadership and Management course into this format. I need help badly.

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