Windows Vista

Windows: Install and Configure WAMP for PHP Development

The Apache web server software application, MySQL database, and PHP interpreter are separate modules that work together to allow for testing of a dynamic PHP web site. Windows has none of these modules built-in, and so they must all be installed. While you could install them separately, it is easiest to download and install them… Read more »

Improve Remote Desktop in 4 Easy Steps

Back in the day, one of the more tantalizing promises of the internet was the ability to shop favorite stores while still wearing jammies. (For those of us living in small college towns, it seems like there’s no shame in wearing jammies anywhere – shopping, school, out to dinner – but I digress). We’re now… Read more »

Insert Video Footage from a Flip Camera Into a PowerPoint Presentation

Today a colleague of mine emailed me with a question about using Flip camera footage in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. He was attempting to use the raw video files from his camera in a presentation but couldn’t get them to work. PowerPoint 2007 allows users to import the following video file formats: .asf, .avi, .mpg… Read more »

Make a Remote Connection with Windows Vista

Remote Desktop Connection is a technology that allows you to connect to a second computer and take control of it. This makes it possible for you to connect to your work computer from computers at other locations and have access to all of your files, programs, available networks, and resources, or to connect to a… Read more »