“We need to remove some older apps” error during Office 2016 installation

So you’re very keen to install and use the new Office 2016 suite on your PC? Please be certain to take a few moments before you do that, so you won’t unexpectedly see the error “We need to remove some older apps”: Are you running any of the following standalone Office 2013 applications?

Microsoft Visio 2010 Beta – Free Download

In a previous post, I discussed several free alternatives to Microsoft Visio for diagramming and flowcharting. It has just come to my attention that Microsoft is offering a Beta version of Visio 2010 for free download. Please be aware that the reason Microsoft is offering this for free is to use you as a guinea… Read more »

Alternatives to Microsoft Visio: Dia,, OpenOffice Draw

If you’re an IU community member and go to IUWare to download Microsoft apps, you will not find Microsoft Visio. Um, what’s Visio? Visio is a Microsoft desktop application geared for building informational, structured graphics, like diagrams, flowcharts, hierarchy structures, and so on. Since those terms may not mean a whole lot to you, let’s… Read more »