Web Accessibility Resources

                Web content accessibility is crucial for reaching the widest audience possible and is part of Indiana University’s commitment to equity and diversity. IT Training can show you what it means to be accessible, the laws and standards that govern web accessibility, and how to easily address some… Read more »

Oncourse Tests & Surveys tool: Set it up

Oncourse’s Tests & Surveys tool lets instructors change a wide variety of settings in the assessments they create. Students should pay attention to these options too, as different settings might change their test-taking strategies. Under Settings, instructors can specify delivery dates for their assessments, including whether or not to accept late submissions. In addition they… Read more »

Wireframing for (hopefully) Better Websites

For people new to the web design game, the process can seem kind of overwhelming. After all, at various points when designing and developing a website, you need: aesthetic skills (to make things look good) information architecture skills (organizing the content in a way so that users can find what they need) interaction design skills… Read more »